The Blessings of Daughters in Islam – from Quran o Hadith

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Beti Allah Ki Azeem Naimat, Uski Tarbiyat Kay Fazail Aur Hamari Kotahiya

Speaker: Hazrat Maulana Mehboob Elahi Sahab Db (Khalifa e Majaz, Arif Billah Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab Db)

Daughters in Islam Women in islam

The Blessings of Daughters from Quran o Hadith

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Taken from various lectures of Aarif Billah Hazrat e Aqdas Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab Db

Daughters are a great blessing because Allah(SWT) has promised a place in paradise (Jannah) on bringing them up. The one who has 3 daughters or sisters, or 2 daughters or sisters and he brings them up properly and fears Allah(SWT) regarding their rights, then Paradise is made mandatory for him. In some Ahadith, when the Prophet(SAW) mentioned the blessings of bringing up 3 daughters or sisters, somebody asked “What if someone has only 1 daughter?” The Prophet(SAW) mentioned the same prize for him as well,i-e a place in the paradise. Paradise would never be made mandatory for such people had daughters not been blessings of Allah(SWT).

This shows that daughters are indeed a source of blessing from Allah(SWT), therefore if a daughter is born in someone’s house, he should not be saddened by this, instead he should rejoice and thank Allah(SWT) for this blessing. How can they be inferior when a place in paradise is being promise against them? Getting saddened by the birth of daughters was the practice of the Non-Believers(Kuffar) because before the Prophet(SAW) came, the Kuffar used to get saddened by the birth of daughters and used to consider them a burden as they would need to find someone for their daughters to marry. They were such animals that they used to bury their innocent daughters alive.

It is these blessed daughters that are the means for the existence of humanity, how can they be considered a curse, this is the act of the Non Believers. The Prophet(SAW) has called her a blessed woman who’s first child is a daughter. Therefore rejoice and smile when you hear about the birth of daughters and consider them a blessing for yourself.

Islam has given a very high status to daughters, therefore consider them a huge blessing of Allah(SWT). It is these daughters through whom Saints (Auliya Allah) are born and above all, our beloved Prophet(SAW), for whom this world was created, his family and bloodline was continued through his daughter. If daughters were not a blessing then Allah(SWT) would never choose them to carry forward the bloodline of his most beloved Prophet(SAW). This shows that daughters are indeed a great blessing so do not consider them inferior. Sons bring Daughters in Law and Daughters bring Son in Law. Sometimes the son in law is so obedient that he surpasses daughters in serving his parents in law.

However, making dua for Sons is not forbidden, one may do that. Ask Allah(SWT) for sons with the intention that you would make them Aalim, Hafiz so that they would take care of our Religious Institutions (Madaris) and hence become a Sadqa e Jaariya for us.

18 thoughts on “The Blessings of Daughters in Islam – from Quran o Hadith

  1. Ayesha

    Ma sha Allah, I am expecting a baby girl in sha allah and have felt a little down as family members from have said many times a boy would have been better. But i am very happy I am having a daughter in sha allah a healthy one. This blog is beautiful and is changing lives of certain mothers.

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  3. naseera

    Alhumdulilah i have 4 daughters. My son was still born. Was really hurting because the loss of my son when my daughters were small. Alhumdulilah as my daughters grew up i thank allah swt with all my heart 4 giving me 4 blessings. I would have daughters everytime. I am a single mom raising my daughters. My home is neva without food alhumdulilah & its a very happy home alhumdulilah. People used 2 say 2 me oh u have no sons! It used 2 hurt so much, but now i say alhumdulilah i have 4 daughters & i wouldnt change it 4 no1.

    1. Sarwat

      Subhanallah sister!! Stay blessed in Allah’s Rehma ever ????
      Also please dua for my baby girl and me .. My baby was delivered before time as it was a very high risk pregnancy

    2. Tara

      Mashallah sis I got one daughter n alhumdulillah m so blessed to hv her..I m single mum too..n same here my home neva without food alhumdulillah..daughter is barakah.may Allah keep every daughter safe aamin.

    3. Sobia Rubani

      SubhanAllah. I too have four daughters and truly believe that they are rehmat for us parents. My Allah paak bless our daughters with modesty and faith. Ameen

  4. Nabeel




  5. Asma

    I have two sons.At the time of birth of my second son we were expecting it to be a girl(human nature you see). I am thankful to God to whatever gender he has blessed.For God knows the best. Have read at many places that blessed is the woman whose first child is daughter,daughters are blessings,when God is happy he sends girl child.just as a matter of curiosity i wish to ask is giving birth to male child is not a blessing?what are the good thoughts of having sons as children..if we have not girls as our kids is God not happy with us?
    P.s..I am very happy to be mom of sons.. just wish to satisfy my heart if anyone can help with Hadith in regard to sons as we have many for daughters.

  6. Shaik

    By The Grace Of Allah ( SWT ) We have Been Blessed With A Baby Girl , And I Am Very Happy Happy That Allah ( SWT ) had Chosen Me To Be Father Of My Daughter , In Sha Allah Allah ( SWT ) Give me More Strength To Teach Her All Our Islamic Rights & Manner,

  7. Hafsa

    Mashallah, Ive always thought that sons could provide so much for a mother when he grows up but now I see us daughters also can do the same and no disadvantage will be put in front of us

  8. Nahid khanam

    I am very happy to know the position of girl child.. i would be happy if I give birth to a girl child. Inshaallah. …


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