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Every Hardship Is Beneficial for a Muslim – Patience and Contentment

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Every Hardship Is Beneficial for a Muslim

Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Sahab Thanvi RA

I can prove logically that every hardship is beneficial for a Muslim. Whenever a Muslim faces a hardship in his life, there can only be 4 possibilities/scenarios in it:

First scenario: Allah Ta’ala benefits from the suffering of His servants. This, of course, is not possible because it would imply dependence of Allah Ta’ala on someone else. 

Second scenario: There’s mutual benefit for both, the Muslim who is suffering and Allah Ta’ala Himself. That is again not possible since it also implies dependence of Allah Ta’ala on others.

Third scenario: There’s no benefit for anyone in this suffering. This is also not possible since this would make it a useless act and no act of Allah Ta’ala is useless.

Fourth scenario: The only scenario that stands valid, therefore, is that every calamity carries benefits for the Muslim who’s facing it.

(Ref: Mawaiz e Ashrafiya Vol 15 – Tasleem o Riza)