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Leaders in Islam!

The Janazah of Khawaja Bakhtiyar Kaki Rahmatullahi Alaih was ready for Namaz e Janaza. The khadim-e-khas of Khwaja Sahab came forward and announced that according to the will of  Khawaja the funeral prayer (salat-ul-janazah) is to be led by the person who fulfills these 3 requirements:

1. He should have never laid eyes on any unrelated women (non-mehram) after reaching puberty.

2. He should have never missed the 4 rakat of sunnah-prayer (ghair-muakkidah) before asr salah.

3. Because of the fear and awe of Allah, he never looked upwards towards heavens.

The huge crowd stood still. All the Awliya of Dehli and Shaykh’s senior khulafa were there. No one came forward. TheKhadim repeatedly announced the requirements. But there was no response. A sense of impatience was being felt.

Finally, The Sultan of Delhi , Sultan Shamusddin Altamash (Allah have mercy on him) stepped forward.

He remarked, “No one knew my secret, the respected Khawaja  disclosed it. All praise is for Allah, I fullfil these criteria”.

He then led the prayers.