Suspicion (Badgumani)

Badgumani Aur Chughal Khori


Suspicion & Evil Thoughts and their Remedy

By this illness, other illnesses of enmity, hatred regarding others as low, jealousy and backbiting is created. When any evil thought appears regarding anyone, then immediately think, “I will have to present a proof and evidence on the Day of Judgment for this evil thought. We do not possess any definite proof and evidence, so why should we fall into this dispute? Why don’t we have good thoughts so that we can continue receiving reward without proof and without evidence? Those people who take stones from one place to another, creating enmity and hatred among Muslims are referred to as talebearers.

The cure for him is to catch him by his hand and take him to the person concerned. Ask the person, “This person is narrating this speech of yours to me.”

If it turns out to be false, then he will never carry tales again. If it is true then this person will feel ashamed and seek pardon. He will then not possess the courage to make tales about you.