Jealousy (Hasad)

hasad ki beemari - jealousy


The sickness of Jealousy and its Cure

Jealousy is when one feels displeased with the favorable conditions or some bounty of another person, and he desires that bounty be snatched away. This sickness is very dangerous; by it, tranquility is snatched away and the heart continually burns. A Hadith states, “Jealousy consumes the good actions of the jealous person just as fire consumes wood.” Hazrat Maulana Shah Muhammad Ahmad Saheb (Rahmatullah Alaihe) has so beautifully composed two poems on jealousy,

Why are you burning in the flame of jealousy?
Why are you rubbing your hands in sorrow?
Why are you upset with Allah’s decision?
Why are you moving towards Jahannum (Hell)?

Hazrat Hakeem-ul-Ummah Thanwi (Rahmatullah Alaihe) has said, “If one becomes pleased in the heart on the loss of a bounty of another, even though outwardly he shows sorrow; then although inner happiness is not a sin due to being non-volitional, it is still a sign of imperfection. One should cure this forcefully by making lots of dua for that person. By doing this in abundance, Inshallah this imperfection will be removed.

The Practical Cure for Jealousy

If one is jealous of someone, then he should do the following:

1. Precede him in making salaam

2. Meet him before going on a journey

3. Upon returning from a journey, bring him some gift even though it is small in value.

4. Praise him in you gatherings.

5. Occasionally invite him for a meal.

6. Make abundant dua’a for him.

7. If anyone speaks ill of him, stop them strictly. Tell them that it is Haraam (prohibited) to backbite as well as to listen to it. 

By practicing on these guidelines for a few days Insha Allah, this sickness will be cured. Instead of burning within yourself due to jealousy, you will attain love for him and the heart will become light like a rose. It will be free and full of tranquility for Allah Ta’ala’s remembrance and worship.