Safeguard Your Tongue (Zaban Ki Hifazat) – 20 Calamities of the Tongue


zaban ki hifazat


20 Sins of the Tongue

1. To make futile speech

2. To speak more than necessity.

3. To narrate non-sensual tales of sinners and wrong-doers.

4. To debate

5. To fight

6. To swear

7. To be foul-mouthed and to utter disrespectful words to elders

8. To curse- this habit is found greatly in women.

9. To sing songs and poems contrary to the Shari’at

10. To laugh over the limit.

11. To speak belittling words

12. To expose someone’s secret

13. To make false promises

14. To speak lies. However, if one lies to make peace between two Muslims or if an oppressed person speaks lies so that he can receive his right, then this is permissible.

15. To back-bite- this means to speak in someone’s absence such words that if he was present he would feel bad, even if it is true. This action is forbidden. The good actions of those who backbite will be snatched away and given to the other person.

16. To carry tales

17. To praise or flatter someone in his presence. However, if there is no fear of greatness entering his heart by your praises, but rather his spirits will raise to do good actions, then there is no harm.

18. Not to be concerned of finer errors in one’s speech (e.g. many people say, “Hazrat, whatever dua emerged from your mouth will definitely be accepted, or above Allah below, you are our support.” All of this type of speech is shirk (polytheism).

19. For the general public to ask the Ulama such questions which have no relationship with their necessities i.e. to waste their time in futile and unnecessary questions.

Source: Book “Islah ul Akhlaaq” by Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab Db

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