Quran Recitation – Short Clips with Translation

Reciting the Holy Quran regularly and understanding its message is mandatory for all Muslims. To make this task easier, we have started creating short clips of the Holy Quran with recitation of selected verses of different Quranic chapters. With time, insha Allah, we plan to add new clips to this page regularly.

Translation (English & Urdu) by Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Sahab Db

Download the complete Holy Quran with translation

Note: To download these clips, “Right Click” on the link and click “Save Link As”

surah fajr surah humazah surah ibrahim
Surah Fajr Surah Humazah Surah Ibrahim (42-52)
surah infitar surah kahf surah maoon
Surah Infitar Surah Kahf (99-110) Surah Maoon
surah toba surh ankaboot
Surah Tawba (111-116) Surah Ankaboot (01-07)

4 thoughts on “Quran Recitation – Short Clips with Translation

  1. shahid anwar

    Thank you for starting sending audio and video clips of bayans on whatsapp. This should be on regular basis.


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